Thursday, June 01, 2006

But Who's Counting - 6/1/06

Staunton, VA - June the first. Wow. In 11 days I will be making the meandering journey back to Dunkirk for the last time from here. I intend to take nothing but state roads home through VA, WV and PA as a sort of last lingering look at the Appalachians. But as I look about my modest room, I realize there is much to do before setting out.

Not the least of what is left to do is getting through the remaining two weeks of shows. All the shows are now down to single digits left of performances: 4 Richards, 5 Much Ados, and 3 Planets. The air in the theatre amongst the rest of the troupe is charged with the realization that things are coming to an end. Some of the troupe members I have talked with are torn between the joy and release that will come with finally finishing up the contract, and the fear and uncertainty of not having anything else as solid as this gig in the offing. I believe the current future plans go something like this:
  • Andrew - moving to Philadelphia with Jamie, doing the Philly unified auditions.
  • Daniel - some chill time on Long Island with his parents, and then finding work as an educational artist in the city. Continuing working on plans to open an arts complex sometime in the future.
  • Alyssa - doing Oklahoma until August. Not sure after that
  • Chris - back to his old summer theatre haunt to do Mr. Webb in Our Town. Probably making the move to NYC in the fall.
  • Jessica - Moving to Philadelphia for six weeks, doing the Philly unified auditions as well.
  • Greg - doing the ASC Young Company Theatre Camp second session, then off to San Diego to get the Excellent Motion Theatre Company going.
  • Olivia - plans unsure at the moment. May go home to San Diego for R&R, may go back to NYC.
  • Sarah - not sure what her plans are. I would assume she is heading back to California for starters.
  • Kevin - looking for work to get a financial stake going; will probably go back to NYC and audition for fall season shows.
  • Carie - I know that at some time she'll be moving to NYC, but I think she'll be stopping in Texas with the parents before heading off.
  • Tyler - signed on for 2006-07 Tragical Mirth Tour
  • Me - back to Dunkirk for R&R, resume teaching in the fall at SUNY Fredonia; playing Senex in the Kavinoky Theatre production of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (yes, I took that role. Mornings will have to wait a little longer).
News of the week - There was a lot of family happenings over the weekend. Kevin had a bunch of family in; his mom, sister, new niece (about nine months old), and half-brother. Greg had his family in as well, with all his little sisters. They came dressed for Planet complete with space bobble-ears. The shows over the weekend all went pretty well. Friday's performance of R3 was good, with a very attentive and serious audience. The Sat. matinee of Much Ado was also good, with the evening's Planet another adventure in zaniness. People simply go nuts for this show, and every time some new adventure with the audience takes place. Because of the nature of my role (I sort of have a serious melodramatic character going), it doesn't lend itself too well to too much audience interaction. So I miss out on all the fun. But it's still something to see all those people dancing in their seats at the show's encore.

Sunday's R3 was a special occasion, because Sarah went out of town to attend a wedding. So Jessica took over the role of Lady Anne for this performance as well as her own roles, and there was some other shifting of Sarah's minor roles. Greg took on the young Duke of York, Chris the Scriviner, and Alyssa the Duke of Norfolk. Jessica did a fine job, having learned all the lines and done a few put-in rehearsals. Andrew at the end of the show did a nice gesture by calling her to the front of the ensemble bow at the end to give her extra credit, which she deserved. The show went off flawlessly, a tribute to the professionalism of the whole cast.

Sunday evening I lost very quickly at poker. Usually I can make my $5 stretch out the whole night, but this night I seemed to have no focus; I even misdealt a hand. So I was gone - as was my $5 - within 45 minutes. Worst night pf poker in my life, I think.

Monday was Memorial Day, and it was all about partying. Some people went over to a house where M.Litt grad Rick Blunt was house-sitting to play football and swim; others went to a party where Brian, the publicity honcho for the ASC, was the host, and everyone finally met up at the Bev House for BBQing in the evening. The heat is back here in the Shenandoah Valley, with temps now running in the 80s and 90s, and Monday got to about 93 degrees. I got some buffalo meat to grill and it was very good. There was plenty of food, with Jamie making a great macaroni salad. Then on Tuesday I got up late but managed to get in an afternoon hike and some relaxation at Sherando Lake, a beautiful spot just into the George Washington National Forest. It has a nice swimming lake, some easy trails for hiking, a bathhouse, camping; everything you need and nothing you don't. They should tell more people about this lake in the company, because it's a perfect summer getaway location. I'm sorry it took so long to discover it.

I am spending some time finalizing my historian duties. The picture book came in, and everyone seemed to like it. It really is something; I may have to order another one just for myself. I also had a DVD made, which will be coming soon, and I want to get this blog into PDF form so there is a complete written record of the company. I had also wanted to make a movie, but I think that's going to have to wait until I get back home. Time is just running out, and I've had some formatting problems with the movie.

I can feel the anxiety building as I anticipate getting home. Some days I can't wait to get back home; other days I feel like I never want to leave. Our last weekend here has a couple of activities scheduled. One is a company picnic on Monday evening at Gypsy Hill Park. The other is an evening workshop on Tuesday. I also get to sing the National Anthem at one of the first games for the Staunton Braves, who open their season tomorrow night, I think. It's winding down, folk! -TWL


Myself said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. As odd as it may sound, considering that I’ve only actually met (I think) 2 of the troupe, and briefly at that, it’s very nice to have a basic idea of what adventures they’re off to next. Congratulations on Senex! I’ve only seen Forum once but I enjoyed it immensely.
I am certainly impressed with your efforts as historian. A picture book, DVD, complete written record and plans for a movie. Wow. Those must be something to see.

Beedow said...

Senex will be fun--i'll be around the corner and down the way playing Jesus @ Alleyway for the Curtain Up slot. Hope I can come down and see the show - love FORUM.

Congrats on the end of your year - enjoy the R&R